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History of Dutch surnames

Surnames were not required until 1811 when emperor Napoleon had annexed the Netherlands.[1] Since many Dutch people thought this convention would only be temporary, some deliberately chose confusing or comical names. For example:

Dutch surnameExplanationEnglish
De Keizerprobably a wordplay on Napoleon when people came to register their name; Who are you? I'm the emperor.Lit. "emperor".
Rotmensenrotadjective meaning "rotten" + mensen "people"Lit. "rotten people".
Poepjespoepnoun meaning "poo/feces", + jes plural diminutiveLit. "excrement; poopies".
Piestpiest, third-person singular form of the verb piesen meaning "to urinate/to piss"(He/She/It) "pisses/urinates"
Naaktgeborennaakt, adjective meaning "naked", + geboren meaning "born"Lit. "born naked"
Zeldenthuiszeldenadverb meaning "seldom", + thuis meaning "at home"Lit. "seldom at home"

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Товарищ.. а че вы как-то совсем пропали??

Привет! Я тебе в контакте написал! Идем в Апшу в четверг с Габер!

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